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Second half: Lan Wangji remembers what Wei Wuxian said about the taste of lotus seed pod and sets out to get some himself. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

Mo Dao Zu Shi Season 2 starts airing in conjunction with The Untamed

Categories :. Wei Wuxian ventures into Dafan Mountain, where he encounters a few more people linked to his past. Wei Wuxian helps the juniors investigate the target of their night-hunt, and gets more than he bargained for.

mo dao zu shi audio drama season 3 episode 10

Wei Wuxian is punished to kneel by the public walkway. Lan Wangji thinks he's crying Wei Wuxian later meets up with Wen Ning. Wei Wuxian finds out what Lan Wangji is like when drunk. The next day, they find new leads leading to Yi City, and come across some familiar faces. Wei Wuxian and the junior disciples find shelter in a house. While checking outside, they see two interesting figures. Glutinous Rice Porridge. Wei Wuxian shelters a wounded swordsman, who turns out to be Xue Yang.

Tragedy strikes when Xue Yang indirectly kills Song Lan and Xiao Xingchen learns of the truth about who he's been living with. In the aftermath, a funeral is held before the duo share a drink. Lan Wangji gets drunk a second time. Wei Wuxian finds out about the meaning behind the Lan Sect's forehead ribbon. Wei Wuxian deduces the identity of the dismembered corpse. He and Lan Wangji head to Koi Tower to get some more clues.

The Wen Sect holds several cultivators hostage, and take them to Dusk Creek Mountain in search of an ancient monster. Wei Wuxian is brought back to Lotus Pier, and finds that the divide both within the Jiang Sect and between the Jiang and the Wen Sects are reaching the tipping point.

Several Wen clansmen are being massacred in mysterious and gruesome ways. Lan Wangji and Jiang Cheng investigate the matter. Lan Wangji catches any paper balls Wei Wuxian would throw to the others. The latest attempt ends embarrassingly for both him and Lan Qiren.

Wei Wuxian learns more of the Lans' history. When they arrive, they're in for an unexpected surprise Wei Wuxian helps Jin Ling investigate a case involving a malevolent ghost who's always seen with the titular iron hook. Jin Zixuan confesses to Jiang Yanli. Wei Wuxian has an uneasy meeting with Lan Wangji, then reminisces the first time he arrived at Lotus Pier. Wei Wuxian learns of the peony's meaning in the flower language before throwing a peony to Lan Wangji.

The cultivation clans start to conspire against Wei Wuxian, and Jiang Cheng confronts him about this. While heading to Lanling, he's ambushed by Jin Zixun.This makes me wish that there is animation for this story. But no, no talks about it at all. We will have to settle for this pretty cut of manhua stills instead.

The latest chapter ends a a high point this week! Ah, is there anyone else that is reading this? Unfortunately, still no translation. Tatsuhisa Suzuki as Wei Wuxian for the Japanese ver. Hopefully the story telling can be good! I still have no idea if there are any English translation for this. But nevertheless, I am gonna spam more pretty pictures from the official source. Rakshasa Street Season 2 released preview. The opening song will be a different version of the original and the title card theme is the same from 4 years ago.

Glad to see the PV looking nicely decent. On the bright side, the novel is being translated by rhexia, for people who might be interested. PV English translation Duan Jiaze narration : People usually say, when heaven closes a door, they will open a window for you. Duan Jiaze: Ten million!?

Treasure Chest

Soliciter: But Mr Duan Gen left it all in the form of a zoo. Duan Jiaze: So I am inheriting a zoo? Voice: Welcome and thank you for joining the Ling Xiao project. Our project aims to help young and promising entrepreneur from the three worlds with their start up ventures. Duan Jiaze: What? Voice: Do you want to download our Ling Xiao app? Duan Jiaze: No! Voice: There is no objection from the user. Breach of contract shall result in punishment by Five Lightning Strikes heavenly punishment.

Duan Jiaze: What in the world did I sign up for? I am Lu Ya. Ling Xiao project sent me here, as animal. Duan Jiaze: Ani. Novel Summary : Originally broke and poor, Duan Jiaze inherited a private zoo upon graduation. Henceforth, he would worry to the point of dreaming about customer count. From then on, the first zoo to implement a rating advisory appeared; no one under 21 years old is allowed to visit Lu Ya.

Since then, ancient demons, beasts and monks are passionately stirred up.Episode 01 : Google Drive Mega. Episode 02 : Google Drive Mega. Episode 03 : Google Drive Mega. Episode 04 : Google Drive Mega. Episode 05 : Google Drive Mega. Episode 06 : Google Drive Mega. Episode 07 : Google Drive Mega. Melempar Bunga Google Drive Mega. Mengantar Sup Google Drive Mega. Surat Cinta Google Drive Mega. Tidur Bersama Google Drive Mega.

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Menyukai ini: Suka MemuatWen Chao's looks could be described as barely passable for handsome and a little greasy, like his hair. Wen Chao was a pompous man who considered it natural for others to yield to him. He enjoyed attention, flaunting himself before other sects at various events.

Despite this arrogance, Wen Chao was unskilled in both sword work and archery, and tended to panic in dangerous situations. Wen Chao was promiscuous, choosing a new lover about every six months despite his marriage. Like his father, Wen Chao also displayed a sadistic streak, expressing enjoyment at Jiang Cheng 's anguish when his golden core was melted, and delighting in the idea of giving Wei Wuxian a slow, torturous death. When Wen Ning asked to participate, Wen Chao insisted that he prove his skills and mocked him when his nerves failed.

However, Wen Chao's archery skills were quite dismal, though he refused to exit the field. Wen Chao was assigned to manage the Qishan Wen Sect's training camp for other sect's disciples. With his personal bodyguard Wen Zhuliu backing him, all of the guest disciples' swords were confiscated on the first day of training. Wen Chao proved to be an exasperating taskmaster. He gave daily speeches and required the trainees to cheer for him.

Moreover, he forced the disciples to be on the front lines during night hunts. Wen Chao appeared only at the last moment to kill the prey the trainees had already weakened through battle, and then took all the credit. Wen Chao forced his trainees to search for the cave of an undisclosed creature on Dusk-Creek Mountain. After locating the cave, he became impatient waiting for the beast to appear and commanded someone to be stung up and bled as bait.

Sensing an opportunity to rid herself of the girl she considered a rival, Wang Lingjiao suggested Mianmian. Wen Chao was originally hesitant, but Wang Lingjiao's flirtations managed to convince him.

Wei Wuxian disarmed Wen Chao with ease and held a sword to his throat. He quoted the warning of the Qishan Wen Sect's Wen Mao that "those who abused their power should be killed.

Not only that, they should be beheaded for tens of thousands to revile so that those to come would beware. After the Tortoise of Slaughter made its appearance during the furor, Wen Chao, Wang Lingjiao, Wen Zhuliu, and the rest of the Wen disciples escaped, leaving their trainees trapped in the cave with the murderous creature.

After she demanded Wei Wuxian's hand cut off as a punishment for his actions in the cave, Yu Ziyuan attempted to kill Wang Lingjiao.

Once he captured Wei Wuxian, who had rescued Jiang Cheng from him not long before, Wen Chao expressed delight in the idea of torturing Wei Wuxian to death.

Modaozushi Audio Drama S2 Ep3 (OPEN)

Wen Chao was only slightly perturbed when Wei Wuxian vowed to become a vicious ghost and curse the Qishan Wen Sect once he died. Wen Chao then brought a beaten Wei Wuxian up to the Yiling Burial Moundsgleefully detailing how no one had been able to tame its resentful energy.

He then threw Wei Wuxian from his sword into the Burial Mounds, fully expecting him to die a gruesome death. About three months after the launch of the Sunshot CampaignWen Chao received a letter detailing his elder brother's death. Thus, he was initially irritated when Wang Lingjiao began screaming. By the time he approached her, she had already gone mad from the influence of Wei Wuxian's Demonic Cultivation. He eventually fell victim to the same madness, eating the flesh off his own legs and hands.

To save his life, Wen Zhuliu took Wen Chao and fled the scene.

mo dao zu shi audio drama season 3 episode 10

Though Wen Zhuliu had applied medicine and attempted to coax Wen Chao to eat, Wen Chao was in a pathetic state of mind, too terrified of meat to eat.

After the three revealed themselves, Wen Chao babbled and drooled onto his fingerless hands, while Wen Zhuliu struggled in vain to save him. Lan Wangji protested the idea of torturing him to death, but Jiang Cheng and Wei Wuxian overruled him. Wen Chao died after prolonged torture, kneeling in the direction of Lotus Pier. While severely wounded and hunted by Wei Wuxian, Wen Chao expressed a desire to reach his father, implying that he associated some level of safety and trust with Wen Ruohan.

Wen Chao became extremely irritable after he received a letter detailing his elder brother's demise, implying some level of care. Wen Zhuliu was not fond of Wen Chao's character, but obeyed him without question for the sake of Wen Ruohan. He took care of his severe injuries and attempted to coax him to eat.One can never get enough of Mo Dao Zu Shi!

I've already read the novel twice, watched the available drama episodes 3 times and starting the 4th. It's such a lovely drama. Thanks for posting this. At which site did you watch it?

mo dao zu shi audio drama season 3 episode 10

I have been absolutely obsessed with all kinds of series for the past year from Chinese to mandarin, but when I started watching this series I got so obsessed I can't get a enough of this one. I'm personally finishing The Untamed first haha. The anime, from my experience last year, will be too unbearable to follow every week, meaning I will pile many episodes and binge a bunch of them haha.

My Lan Zhan, who is deeper than the Pacific, who is the sky himself, when lit students die to write essays on such character, it's done by a little boy who looks like 'I am angry because mommy didn't buy me the toy' all the time! Right, a 33 yo Lan Zhan sure looks like that. And what about the utmost insult towards homosexual people by changing a novel which was written on the basis of Lan Zhan's unconditional love for Wei Ying?

Such huge arrangements were done in the novel just for these two guys to be with each other. When love crosses time and the border of life and death, entire universe starts plotting to unite those said lovers. Yes that's the theme of MoDaoZuShi! Stupid idiots! Why would you adapt from a nasty gay story then when you hate it with your heart? Congratulations on your so called Live action! With all due respect, while it certainly is annoying how they removed bl scenes, I dare say that the live action drama does justice to the relationship.

To begin with, at least as far as I've gotten with the novel, the love was always more subtle; it was always clear that there is a very deep connection between them, but they didn't show it in the way your average romance novel would, which is - in my humble opinion - also exactly what made it this wonderful love story.

So in that sense, even if it's never explicitly shown or said, I do believe that anyone who knows the novel will be able to see the love displayed. You see, I personally don't think that there is that big of a difference between being lovers and being lifetime friends well, maybe except for the intimate stuff, but that's also it. Even in the live action drama, you should be able to see that they are soulmates, which I find to be the most important part of the story.Only when you meet and fall in love with your fated person will this restriction be unnecessary.

Lan xichen: do you like. Prepare for a whole range of emotions… to scream. To cry. Let your imaginations run wild!! Note: This is S3E12 version 2 - the one with extended dialogue and moaning. We do not plan to sub the other version s as this one is the best! Want to support the actors, especially after listening to this episode?? This episode will be added to the Season 3 masterlist soon!

Note: the old masterlist is being divided into three different pages. Your old masterlist links will no longer work! Remember, if you have trouble playing this file, please check the troubleshooting guide first!

Jiang Cheng: Wei WuXian is my older brother but i lived 13 years more than him. Does that mean i am now the older brother? I think I about wanted to cry through this whole episode. Thanks asckj1 and Gwyn-chan for your hard work on this episode!!

Season 3, Episode 14 is now available for download in our discord server!! Not a member, yet?? We have covered the most common help questions in these guides! Also available today is the full Season 3 image pack main episodes only. Need an invite? Announcements will still be made via tumblr and twitter, but we are no longer linking to individual downloads here.

Need tutorial? Please read all rules and the welcome page to figure out what to do before posting in troubleshooting help!! Hiya, great question! Yes, some sharp-eared fans noticed the sound effect of a sword clanking as Wei Wuxian walked!

A few months or a year at most? They are finally back to the present. I am experiencing all kinds of emotions right now OTL. I had to pause every few seconds because my poor heart just cannot take it…. Keep reading.Entah kenapa saya merasa jenuh ketika menerjemahkan novel selama beberapa hari ini. Ya, itung-itung biar tidak monoton. Part ini mengisahkan chapter novelsetelah kejadian Kota Yi.

Audio drama ini sangat mirip dengan novel, hanya sedikit bagian yang berbeda. Secara garis besar sama. Untuk video terjemahan audio drama ada di sini. Saya bingung mau mengartikan apa karena Wangji bicara terbata-bata. Like Like. Ku donlotnya di hp soalnya. Belum nyoba ke komputer bisa keluar suara ato ngk. Apa pas mau downloadnya di drive harus login dlu ya?

Ku tdi ngk login dlu soalnya. Dari episode 1 season 2 maksudnya? Saya taunya raw bahasa mandarin di missevan. Ini saya terjemahkan juga dari bahasa Mandarin. Klo season 2 yg sub indo saya tdk tahu. Yg saya terjemahkan ini episode 4 season 2 kelihatannya juga belum ada yg eng sub.

mo dao zu shi audio drama season 3 episode 10

Like Liked by 1 person. Ini tuch lagi jenuhnya usagichang gimana klo lagi niat yakin di terjemahin ampe ke titik2 nya.

Makasih sudah mengobati rasa rindu ku. Nanti kalo uda full aku ijin translate lagi bolehkah? Kyaaaaaaaaaaaa… Arigatou Usagi channel… Kenpa diriku yang deg deg kan. Like Liked by 2 people. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Mo Dao Zu Shi [GDC] Chapter 29,30,31,32 Eng

Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Blog at WordPress. Like this: Like Loading Hehehe… maaf ya cuma ini, biar aku gak jenuh nerjemhin novel aja Like Like. Kyaaa love youuuuuuuu i love you so much cryingggg!!!!!! Wah, di aku bisa Coba download dulu trus pakai aplikasi pmtar video. Vlc media player contohnya bisa? Punyaku bsa.

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