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Well if you really want to, it will be rather expensive. You would need the entire transmission from an Evo, including the driveshaft, rear differential, etc. I'm also no expert on Lancers, but you may need to modify the exhaust, suspension and other parts that may get in your way.

And that's for AWD alone. For an Evo conversion, you'll need a whole new engine, as well as various aesthetic parts, such as a hood, front bumper, wing, etc. Unfortunately, the Evo and Lancer are more difference than you would think.

lancer awd conversion

My 3G Eclipse is closer to an Evo 8 than a normal Lancer, due to engine similarities. I hate to say it, but I have to agree with everybody else, it's more expensive, more work and less reliable than buying an Evo straight out. Well, the problem here is, do you know that wil cost MUCH really.

I see no point in that. If you like performance you can use a car performance simulator to virtually tune your Lancer cheaper mods You can buy an 04 evo viii for around 16k these days Trending News. Trump identifies another hoax: The coronavirus. Hosting shakeup on 'Dancing With the Stars'. States extend unemployment while Congress debates. Actress Kelly Preston dies at 57 after cancer battle. Trump turns focus to Obama after coronavirus question. Grant Imahara, 'Mythbusters' co-host, dies at All eyes are on Disney World following its reopening.

Maxwell wrapped cellphone in tinfoil 'to evade detection'. Answer Save. CPT Lv 4. How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. John Lv 5. Go back to the dealership and buy the right one. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.Believe it or not, the 10th-generation Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution has one of the most complicated AWD systems in history. In the following I will provide a detailed review of this system.

Please note that the multi-plate clutch on the right hand side is for the center differential only, it is not relevant to the front differential. For a given static friction value, if the transmitted power tries to exceed that limit, the two clutch plates will slip, therefore no more power can go through. Since the coefficient of static friction of the clutch plate material is pre-determined and fixed, the ECU can electronically control the pressing force through the hydraulic pump to modulate the static friction between the input and output plate.

In fact, Mitsubishi is the first auto maker in human history to offer torque vectoring differential in a production car 4th-gen Evolution, Please pay attention: the S-AYC is fundamentally different from the limited-slip differential. For a limited-slip differential, its purpose is to transmit more torque to the wheel which rotates slower because a slipping wheel usually rotates faster.

However, during cornering the outside wheel which rotates fasteris the one that needs more torque instead. Active torque vectoring is another story. However, the drive shaft also the input plate rotates slower simultaneously. We all know: it is impossible for a slower rotating clutch plate to transmit power to a faster rotating plate. This means when a wheel is rotating faster, the clutch plate it connects to should be rotating slower than the input plate; and when the wheel is rotating slower, its corresponding output plate should be rotating FASTER than the input plate.

This prompts us to something that has two different gear ratios, and this is how the planetary gear set comes into play for the S-AYC differential. As shown above, the S-AYC consists of two clutch sets and a planetary gear set. Each clutch connects to a specific gear ratio setting of the planetary gear set.

However, the STI uses a Torsen rear differential, which implements something similar to torque vectoring through braking. If you want to own a masterpiece that represents the apex of the production car-based AWD system, you should get your hands on one while you still can, as it is unlikely that there will be something as good as the S-AWC in the near future.

Sign in. Forgot your password? Get help. Password recovery. YouWheel — Your Car Expert. Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here. You have entered an incorrect email address! Stay Connected. Contact us: admin YouWheel. All Rights Reserved.User Name Remember Me? Rear wheel drive on lancers! Can I change a Lancer from a front wheel to a rear wheel drive? I find rear wheel drives more appealing. Anyone in India doing it? If so how much will it cost you?

You guys can put in your opions also, both advantages and disadvantages of rear wheel drive. Why Indian cars are front wheel drives? View My Garage. The modifications would be so extensive that it is better to say its impossible. But you can go the way of all-wheel drive after spending some dough. RWD is purely functional on load carrying applications, moreover rear-wheel drives have more traction from launch. And Rearwheel drives when adequately powered can drift easily.

A front wheel drive, frees the designers of the powertrain design constraints when designing the body architecture. Hence different types of vehicle can be made on the same platform sort of modularity and obviously cheaper to implemet. So please blame Citroen and sir Alec Issignosis for our sorry fate.

Mitsubishi Lancer

There are ready kits and installers available for this. Of course, it costs about 5 - 7 lacs last I heard so your budget will decide.

Its not as easy as it seems. It needs a lot of modifications. Your first hurdle, is to procure the Evo AWD kit which means the entire rear end of the car.Consider the current Honda Civic: Ostensibly designed as an appliance to provide inexpensive and efficient transportation, it also delivers an engaging driving experience and holistic design that together transcend its humble mission statement.

We respect that. The Mitsubishi Lancer compact sedan, however, is a more conflicted proposition. Updated for the model year with a revised front fascia, LED running lights, and an uptick in standard infotainment and connectivity options, the Lancer comes in four levels of trim, starting with the price-leading 2.

For this test, Mitsubishi provided us with a top-tier Lancer 2. The steering column tilts but does not telescope.

Make Your Lancer Into a EVO by Doing THIS! (CHEAP)

The touchscreen icons and a smattering of physical controls are so tiny that using them requires diverting too much attention from the road. Also, the short bottom cushions and generic sculpting of the seats make them pale in comparison to the comfortable thrones in a Honda Civic or a Mazda 3.

The tiny trunklid opens to reveal a small space of only 12 cubic feet also, the premium audio system and its trunk-mounted subwoofer crowd cargo volume by 0. The quality of the interior materials is also woefully below that of its competitors, as if Mitsubishi is sourcing its plastics from a couple of decades ago. The 2. Producing horsepower at rpm and lb-ft of torque at a reasonably lofty rpm, it feels coarse and dated in comparison with, say, the hp turbocharged 1.

Even the Chevrolet Cruze has gone the turbo route, its hp 1. At the track, this Lancer SEL got itself to 60 mph in 8. Those numbers trail the Honda Civic by 1. A VW Jetta with the 1.

Rear wheel drive on lancers!

A Toyota Corolla we tested turned in times of 9. On the other hand, we observed 30 mpg in the Corolla but only 25 in the Lancer. We can see where the lock setting, along with a set of proper winter tires, would make this compact nearly unstoppable for those who want to get to the slopes while the snow is still flying.

Registering 0. The steering also disappoints by being merely average, dashing hopes that its hydraulically assisted setup might feel better than the electrically assisted systems that competitors—and the front-wheel-drive Lancer—use.

By producing interesting and capable options like the Montero, Eclipse, and GT a. Dodge Stealthnot to mention multiple generations of the Lancer Evolution, it set expectations high.

lancer awd conversion

Displacement: cu in, cc Power: hp rpm Torque: lb-ft rpm. New Cars. Buyer's Guide. Type keyword s to search.You know exactly what I'm talking about Wings West-style body kit, Kawasaki Green paint, underglow neon, ridiculous inch Axis wheels and a nitrous system so powerful the floor falls out. Quite frankly, the movie car tarnished the DSM scene, but thank heaven there are guys like Miguel Martinez that give us a legit 2G Eclipse that's truly worthy of the big screen.

He credits the movie franchise for helping him get into cars, however, he found the right path early when it came to the tuner scene and he modeled his Eclipse with nothing but true performance and clean styling in mind.

I've stumbled across his project car multiple times on his Instagram and YouTube pages and can honestly say I'm a big fan. By day, he works at Bisimoto Engineering as their chief marketing officer. Once he clocks out, he's hanging and wrenching with his buddies until the wee hours of the night on projects like his Eclipse and Evo. After seeing his Eclipse first-hand at our photoshoot, I'll be honest, it's not going to win any car shows with some wear and tear on the paint and body but all the right ingredients are there, from its carbon fiber lip kit, RAYS wheels and Bride seats, to the entire powertrain swap.

It's cars like these that remind everyone they should be giving major props to the DSM community, and also why we should maybe forget about that hundred shot of NOS blowing the welds on the intake.

lancer awd conversion

I got into cars at a very young age. I couldn't wait until I could drive and modify my very own build. So, how'd you break into a DSM? Seems pretty unusual for someone your age to get into it He promised to pass it down to me as I got my license, but he ended up trading it for a family sedan.

I made it a goal to have one as my first car. Fast forward to high school, I got this car senior year and loved it ever since. The sleek, timeless and beautiful design always caught my eye every time I saw them drive by.

As a DSM'er, you can never have just one! I've had five DSM builds over time but ended up with my first one in the end. To have something balanced between looks, handling and power.If so, are their conversion kits available or a guide?

What would it entail? I;ve heard of a EVO conversion kit but it seems its only available in India, This is a project i'm very serious in doing so any help would be appriciated.

I am curious as to why you would want to? You getter better off-the-line starts will FWD and you can still drift if that is what you are looking for. Good luck finding the kit in America though. It will probably cost the value of the entire car after installation. I would just look to upgrade if you are truly serious about it for whatever reason. If i were you i would leave it how it is because it would be very pricy and a big hassle.

Trending News. Trump identifies another hoax: The coronavirus. Hosting shakeup on 'Dancing With the Stars'. States extend unemployment while Congress debates. Actress Kelly Preston dies at 57 after cancer battle.

Trump turns focus to Obama after coronavirus question. Grant Imahara, 'Mythbusters' co-host, dies at All eyes are on Disney World following its reopening. Maxwell wrapped cellphone in tinfoil 'to evade detection'. Thanks Shayne. Answer Save. If you dont believe me, go to YouTube and watch some videos of Ken Block training. Sorry for the bad news. YEs u may and its going to b a challenge. Source s : Yes,you could I also my self did the same thing to my 91 galant had to order parts from china,cost money but everything is posdible and alot of work but its satifying after all work.

Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.The Mitsubishi Lancer is a compact car produced by the Japanese manufacturer Mitsubishi since In Japan, it was sold at a specific retail chain called Car Plaza. Between its introduction in andover six million units were sold. Mitsubishi ended production of the Lancer in August worldwide, with the exception of Taiwan and Mainland China. The first Lancer A70 was launched in February It served to fill the gap between the Minica kei car and the larger Galant.

Engines were different 1. The Celeste was imported built-up from Japan initially and assembly of a single 1. The Celeste was originally available with 1.

An even larger 2. Inthe all new Lancer EX was unveiled in Japan. Its new, clean and aerodynamic styling with integrated plastic bumpers reflected that of the recently introduced Galant and Sapporo.

It was of a more European appearance than earlier Mitsubishi vehicles. The MCA stands for Mitsubishi Clean Air which meant that the EX passed both Japan and US emission standards, while the new cylinder head design of the engine gave way for a Jet valve which introduced an extra swirl of air to the combustion chamber, swirling the fuel-air mixture for a cleaner, efficient and more thorough burn.

In addition to these improvements, another breakthrough in the Lancer lineup was the Silent Shaft Technology, which was actually two counterbalancing shafts that rotated in opposite directions, cancelling the power pulses inherent in an inline four-cylinder engine. This reduced both engine noise and vibration, and provided a smoother driving experience.

The 1. InThe Lancer EX was introduced with a 1. The model was also a popular base for rally cars in that market, with some success. It was replaced by the front-drive Tredia in with the Cordia coupe equivalent effectively replacing the earlier Celeste. In Europe, the Lancer EX sold well as its restrained styling better matched the desires of European buyers than its somewhat fussy predecessor. Other considerations concerned handling and also the demand for more passenger room, as Mitsubishi tailored the Lancer towards European consumers.

It went on sale locally after making its European premier at the Frankfurt Show. Unlike in Japan, European buyers could also get a 1. This model was equipped with multi point fuel injection ECI. At home, sales of the turbo model were low because of emission regulations Japan imposed at that time. Between andthe Lancer in Japan derived from the subcompact Mirage —itself sold in many export markets under the name Colt. Mitsubishi had originally launched the Mirage in as a front-wheel drive hatchback, with a sedan variant later released in —and a version of which sold in Japan as Lancer Fiore.

Five generations of Mirage were manufactured by Mitsubishi up untilwith new generations released in and with the equivalent Lancer delayed untilto It was not until —with the to Lancer now departed—that the Mirage-based Lancer eschewed the Fiore suffix. Between andthe aforementioned Mirage sedan with minor styling modifications sold as the Lancer Fiore through Japanese retail channels. The Fiore spanned two generations, the second of which came to the market in Internationally, the Fiore sedan often sold under the abbreviated name Lancer, and sometimes as the "Lancer F" for example, in Germany.

Thus, with the rear-wheel drive Lancer as introduced in and the front-wheel drive Lancer Fiore, Mitsubishi had two similarly sized models competing in the same market segment, sometimes even while sharing the Lancer badge. Although naming conventions varied, for all generations, sedan versions of the Mirage were typically badged as Lancer in export markets such as the Philippinesalthough notably not in the United States.

In Japan, sedan variants of the Mirage and Lancer sold alongside one another with minor differences in trim. The station wagon, part of the and iterations, was typically known as the Lancer in export markets. Likewise, the Mirage coupe variant, available with the and generations, also became part of the Lancer lineup in some regions.

Mitsubishi introduced replacements for the Mirage starting inwith a new generation of Lancer sedan—now larger and having moved up to the compact segment.

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