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Body Frequencies:. Feeling great High or low frequencies? In my experience, our health, clarity of mind and also our mood and inner balance, depend very strongly, on the frequencies we are exposed to, or take into our body, by ways of food.

I find the topic of body frequencies most interesting. I cannot prove any of the statements, using measuring instrument. We live in a world of frequencies, and I have come to the conclusion that our body is part of this world and has its frequencies, too. Beverly Rubik, PhD. I am not trying to convince anyone that what I say is true. Living in a world of frequencies and vibration Every cell of our body vibrates — everything has its optimal frequency.

Optimal frequency is when all is in order - when we are in balance, our vibration is in unison with the law of vibration - when we are in tune and each cell of our body vibrates at the frequency it was designed to Our thoughts make up our personal world. We can actively make changes When we look at our health conditions - from an energy point of view - we can feel the imbalance and disharmony How do we know if we are at the "right" frequency?

beneficial frequencies

When we are in our natural state, and when there is no need of any part of our being to cope with trying to compensate and over-ride a frequency, not natural to us. Our health can be greatly affected by high or low frequencies within the body. Laughter raises our frequencies! Happy people have higher frequencies, and for this reason are less prone to disease. The food we eat, affects our body frequencies as well. There are many ways t o change our body frequencies and raise them to a healthy level.

Eat 'life promoting food' such as fruits and vegetables Read more Read about: DetoxAddiction sHarmful food. Try the five Tibetan rites exercisesThe Solfeggio frequencies constitute the ancient six note scale which is believed to have been used in sacred musicand reputed to be the original frequencies in Gregorian chants. Based on the six pure tonal notes, these spiritual Gregorian chants and their special tones penetrate deep into the conscious and subconscious mind and usually draw strong emotional reactions.

Puleo claimed to have been intuitively guided to examine the Book of Numbers 4 th book of the Hebrew Bible and 4 th of five books of the Jewish Torah. In Chapter 7 of the Book, between Verses 12 and 83, Dr. Puleo used a Pythagorean method of reducing to the verse numbers and uncovered a pattern of six repeating codes. According to him, it revealed a series of six electromagnetic sound frequencies which corresponded to the six missing tones of the ancient Solfeggio scale: Hz, Hz, Hz, Hz, Hz, Hz.

All six Solfeggio frequencies are said to have specific healing effects as they interact with the vibrational energies of the human body. According to David Hulse, a Sound Therapy pioneer with over 50 years of experience, the six ancient Solfeggio tones have the following properties:. Following the pattern established by the original healing tones, Dr. Leonard Horowitz conducted additional research and found three additional frequencies :. At Gaia Meditation, we have developed a variety of free audio tracks based on the Solfeggio frequencies.

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They are very similar in format to the solfeggio frequencies. The body healing tones are modeled after the scientific research and positive effects of the Rife frequencies.

beneficial frequencies

The body healing tones contain ambient meditative music with the appropriate healing frequency embedded within the track. More information can be found on researching the benefits of Rife technology as it has been around for a great deal of time. Brief history relating to the Rife Frequencies From altered-states.

The Rife machine is a research instrument. It is used by experimenters — practitioners and private users alike — to assist in making chemical changes in the body. Many have shown it to strengthen the immune system. It has also been reported to be effective in treating many health conditions.

Solfeggio Frequencies User Guide

In the late s and early s Dr. Royal Raymond Rife — using a frequency generator — applied frequency to living viruses and bacteria and learned that he could eliminate them. Thanks to his careful documentation of this work, we now have many conditions with which we can confidently experiment using frequency application. It is important to keep in mind that some of these tones can be very intense. Please use these tones through your own discretion. Similar to the Solfeggio tones, if you feel that you are experiencing symptoms due to these tones, give yourself time to allow the frequency cleansing to do its work as your body is attempting to purge energetic debris that may cause such results such as: headaches, neck stiffness, sore throat, indigestion, increased blood pressure, increased heart rate and more.

What you are experiencing is no different than going through a food detoxification. These symptoms simply relate to energetic detoxification where you may experience symptoms while going through the process.

beneficial frequencies

If you are experiencing these symptoms in any way, what can be very helpful is drinking a large amount of fresh water daily: at least glasses. These tones are not dangerous in any way, only intense, so please do not panic if you are experiencing these symptoms. They are common, they are temporary and they will pass. If you feel that you are overwhelmed by the intensity of the audio tracks, do not feel that you need to push yourself to listen to them entirely.

As your body works to remove the energetic debris corresponding to the particular frequency in question, it will become easier to listen to these frequencies and receive the full benefit they provide. They are in no way a substitute for your doctor, but only an addition to assisting with your health on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. These tones are free and should not be charged for any amount of money.

You are welcome to burn the tones on CD or use them in anyway you see fit. We do not offer CD distribution for these tones. The body healing tones currently consist of 13 different frequencies. Below you can find further information on the benefit of each tone as well as their download link. You can also download the full archive ZIP file which contains all 12 body healing tones. More updates to the Body Healing Tones will be coming within the times ahead.In my adventures through the cynical side of the internet, I came across an interesting conspiracy idea that strikes at the very core of Western music.

The concept is that there has been a deliberate shifting of the fundamental frequencies of our Western scales away from an ancient and sacred 6-tone scale of solfeggio frequencies towards a less auspicious set of tones While there's a lot of info out there about this, you can consider this post a condensed summary of it all.

It's an interesting trip of musical education with large bent of paranoia and new age thinking. I consider it "infotainment. I'm sure you'll feel the same.

It's used in the West from elementary school all the way through college to teach which pitches belong to the scales that we currently use. It's all based around:. There's the "Fixed Do" we learn as kids that matches the C-Major scale and then the "Movable Do" we learn later that helps us hear and sing the varying intervals in other Major and Minor scales.

While the true origin of this 7-note diatonic scale is unknown, the furthest we can trace it back is to the Arabic solmization same as solfeggio system and the Hindustani and Carnatic classical styles from India. Here's where it gets good.

The system above is supposedly the oldest, stretching back to even B. But then we have this guy Guido of Arezzo who lived from circa A. He was an Italian music theorist who's credited with being the inventor of the modern musical staff and the notation that goes along with it, replacing the old neume system that was stifling the learning process of all musicians.

It's said that as a monk and music theory master, he saw how hard it was for all his fellow monks to learn the Gregorian chants, so he developed a mnemonic system that goes like this:. Put this together with the staff notation, his Guidonian hand system, and this hexachord scale, and it was so clear that this guy was the master that Pope John XIX invited him to the Vatican to discuss it. Soon after that, we're all using the seven-note system mentioned above So basically, the people developing this conspiracy claim that those in power are trying to revise history to discredit the original solfeggio frequencies, and there's a reason: they hold spiritual and metaphysical power.

It comes from Guido's frequencies We know the 7th note was added by Giovanni Battista Doni in the 16th century. This is why people are being skeptical about the whole thing. Guido developed his system to teach these monks how to sight read, hear pitches, and manipulate the intervals vocally as they sung the Gregorian chants.

He noticed this Latin hymn called Ut queant laxis featured phrases that each began on the six notes in order. This is where the syllables are derived from, as seen here:. The Latin stanza can be stylized like so, which highlights where the solfeggio frequencies come from:.

So that your servants may, with loosened voices, resound the wonders of your deeds, clean the guilt from our stained lips, O Saint John. By reading the translation, you can already see where the idea that this stanza and the frequencies have secret healing powers encoded in them.

By singing them you may be cleansed, basically, thanks to the power of John the Baptist. Here's a Youtube video of this specific Gregorian chant. The image also shows the older neume notation system:. Fast forward to hundred years later Giovanni Battista Doni decides he doesn't like "Ut" and changes it to "Do" and that "Sancte Iohannes" should be "Si", a seventh note in the scale.

That's the accepted story of how it all went down, despite the contradictions. We end up with this twisted translation to fit the narrative:. Do let our voices Re sonate most purely, Mi racles telling, Fa r greater than many; So let our tongues be La vish in your praises, S aint J ohn the Baptist. Now, it's not that the seven note scale or octave when you loop back to the root was invented then.

Just that the solfeggio notation was. It's not unbelievable that historians of the time knew that the system was already in use in ancient India and the Levant and adapted it. That's why this is a conspiracy.In reality, using these healing tones is just as easy as listening to any other kind of music.

But here are some quick, straightforward steps to get you started. It can be your bedroom, your backyard, or even a closet. And if your life is too busy to eliminate noise and distractions entirely, just do the best you can. This could be your couch, your bed, or just a nice spot on the floor. You can start with the beginning, middle, or last frequencies. You can put them in a playlist and let it play through, put your favorite one on repeat, or even set them to shuffle.

In most cases, our healing music sounds best at a moderate-low volume. That being said, different people will have slightly different volume preferences.

Experiment a little to find the right one for you. We suggest using the healing music as a meditation or while in a focused, relaxed state, like when working on the computer or reading on the sofa. That being said, it can be used almost any time — even when you sleep. You can listen for ten minutes, an hour, or all day. But it is important to listen regularly. As we mentioned, there is no historical record of a specific order to listen to the frequencies in.

Note that this doesn't have to be followed in one session. You might like to do half one day and half the next, or two steps per day over a number of days.

Microwaves, Radio Waves, and Other Types of Radiofrequency Radiation

You can decide. As you listen to the healing music wash over you, observe your breath gradually become slower and more relaxed as you drift into a state of quiet meditation.

Continue to meditate as the healing frequencies relax your muscles and alleviate any pain or tension. This frequency is associated with the root chakra, or Muladhara.

This is our body's most primal and fundamental energy center, located at the base of our spine. If you close your eyes, you may see the color red in front of you. As you listen, this frequency will start to work of dissipating feelings of guilt and fear. Active your sacral chakra by imagining the color orange.

Experience relief as negative influences and experiences of your past are slowly removed from your consciousness. This is frequency that heals our interpersonal relationships and re-connects us with loved ones.In this post, we'll explore how this alternative tuning is related to our planet, how it almost became the standard pitch many years ago, why it's popular for healing, and the conspiracy theories behind its oppression. Certain songs bring us to tears while others get us exhilarated and inspired for a once dreaded workout.

Science shows us that it affects internal functions like blood pressure and heart rate, can reduce anxietyand even help with digestion and pain relief 1. All sound is made by vibrations. Sound is what is heard when sound waves vibrations pass through the ear.

The way we feel, and the way the brain responds when we listen, depends on the combination of sound frequencies in the composition. This is known as the frequency response. This simple theory will help you understand why Hz is said to make for a better listening experience.

To understand the popularity behind Hz, we need to first learn about the Schumann Resonance. He determined that the frequency of these electromagnetic waves is very low, ranging from 7. The Earth used to resonate at a steady average of 7. Ina French physicist named Joseph Sauveur came upon a new concept:. Rather than tuning music at Hz or other variations, he noted that by placing middle C at Hz, you could create a system where each octave or factor of C lands on an even integer whole numberinstead of containing awkward decimals.

It is those awkward decimals he alluded to that make conventional music tuning Hz not sound as nice as music played at Hz. So, when we tune an instrument to Hz, we get a C note at Hz, which, due to the sympathetic resonance of the note overtones, will produce another C at exactly 8 Hz.

This frequency of 8 Hz — which is at the top end of the Theta brainwave state — is the brainwave state that makes us feel relaxed but conscious and open to intuitive learning. Scientific pitch, also known as Sauveur pitch or Verdi tuning, is an absolute concert pitch standard which is based on middle C C4 being set to Hz rather than The next question is: okay, so the musical theory makes sense, but why bother tuning to Hz in the first place?

Well, firstly because it actually makes more sense, from a music theory stand point. You tune to nice whole numbers and not decimals — which are awkward. But on a more primitive and spiritual level, one would presume it optimal to play music in alignment with our planet, with nature. We know that prolonged exposure to certain frequencies can cause us to feel adverse physical effects.

Think for a moment about all the frequencies that travel through your brain on any given day: from cell phones, Wi-Fi, 5G, radio, and microwaves. All these devices transmit at different frequencies. These manmade inventions are constantly penetrating our brains with different frequencies.

It is no wonder that devices that emit artificial electromagnetic radiation have been linked to cancer, depression, insomnia, and even miscarriage 234. Also consider the repelling frequencies of car alarms, speaker or microphone feedback and the dental drill.

Then consider natural frequencies, such as birds singing, leaves rustling, rain, an ocean breeze. Do these things bother you, or comfort you? They have, over the centuries, inspired the creation of instruments: think of the wind whistling through a hollow tree, and then consider the creation of the flute.

It makes sense that listening to music tuned to Hz 8 Hz would make us feel more calm and balanced; because it's in our DNA.There are all kinds of frequencies and vibrations all around us.

There are frequencies we see such as light waveshear sound wavesor feel, and others that are beyond our ability to sense, such as gamma rays, infrared, or radio and television frequencies. In fact, the ancient Vedic texts of India explain, in summary, that this whole universe is the production or manifestation from particular vibrations that cause a change from the spiritual energy into the material energy.

And all these frequencies effect us in many ways. For example, we may hear music that can be soothing and peaceful, or that is abrasive and irritating. Or there may be frequencies that we have to deal with on a more regular basis, like the noise we hear when working in a factory, or the sounds of downtown traffic.

Walk through a factory. The noise and vibrational level of the frequencies that you hear and feel are not attractive. In fact, they may be damaging to your hearing and necessitate the need for wearing ear plugs. Being around that kind of noise, which are lower vibrations of themselves, can make you restless or agitated in due time, tend to pull your consciousness down in a way that makes you think in very basic terms.

They can make your mind become absorbed in the lower modes of thinking, like simply desiring to satisfy your senses, wanting to go to the bar after work to drown your thoughts, or thinking of whatever will give you the easiest thrill. In other words, exposure to low vibrations tends to produce low consciousness simply by your exposure to them. Let's explain this a little more. The science of vibrations and frequencies and how they effect people is something that has been around for thousands of years.

We can still find evidence of this in the ancient Vedic texts of India. These explain not only the results of using the frequencies of words and mantras, but also supply instructions in some cases. The sages of ancient India used it to produce various results in the rituals they performed, and from the mantras they would recite. If the mantras were recited in particular ways, certain amazing results would take place, including changing the weather, producing certain types of living beings, or even palaces.

Others used it to produce weapons, like the brahmashtra weapon, which was equal to the modern nuclear bombs. Specific mantras could be attached to arrows, with the sound causing powerful explosions when the arrow reached its target.

528Hz + 396Hz - Angelic Healing Music - 9 Hours

Others used the science of vibrations to bring their consciousness to higher levels of perception, or to enter spiritual reality. We can see the results of exposure to certain frequencies in other ways as well. Even now there has been research that has provided discoveries on the use of frequencies.

They have worked with plants, exposing them to various kinds of music. Plants would thrive when exposed to classical music, while they would languish or wither when around heavy rock music. However, considering the nature of the mostly unenlightened society in which we live, some of these discoveries have not been for the benefit of the world and are quite scary to think of the results that may happen. Nicola Tesla, the Croatian born inventor, had performed experiments at the turn of the century that revealed that air, at its ordinary pressure, is a conductor for large amounts of electrical energy over great distances without wires.

This meant a few things: That electrical use for the purposes of man would be available at any place on the globe. And that electricity traveling through the air shows how frequencies and waves of powerful energy do not need wires to be generated at one place and received in another.

Furthermore, it is of the opinion of some that the mathematics that provide the underpinning for Tesla's work also provides the basis for understanding telepathy. This suggests the openings of vast potentials for the human mind.

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